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How much does a Segmental Retaining Wall Cost to Install?

February 4, 2023|


Before digging into how much a Segmental Retaining Wall (SRW) costs to install there are a couple of things that need to be clarified. There are many different types of retaining walls that contractor will install. In this segment we will only focus on Segmental Retaining Walls. When it comes to SRW’s there are two different installation methods to be aware of. The first installation method is the install of a gravity retaining wall. The Second installation method is mechanically stabilized earth retaining walls. The cost to install a retaining wall depends greatly on the type of wall to be installed, the part of the country in which said wall is being installed and the materials chosen by the contractor or engineer that is to be installed. 

A gravity retaining wall is just what it sounds like, a wall built with nothing built into the soils behind it to stabilize the ground. A good retaining wall contractor that is dedicated to his trade will be able to guide in the right direction when it comes to retaining wall products available in your region. Your selected contractor should also know max heights of those retaining wall products that are available. In Clarksville Tn, you should expect to pay somewhere between $49 – $70 per square foot of face wall for a gravity SRW using Allan Block products. This cost should get you the excavation, base rock, retaining wall block, drainage, fill rock, and labor needed to build the wall in accordance with National Concrete Masonry Association standards for segmental retaining walls. 

When you begin to think about needing a mechanically stabilized earth retaining wall you’re likely building a wall that is taller than 3 feet 6 inches or you’re placing some type of load on top of the retaining wall. Most municipalities suggest and may even require the homeowner or retaining wall builder to acquire stamped engineer plans before beginning to build a retaining wall taller than 4ft in height. It is difficult to nail down an accurate price range for a mechanically stabilized earth retaining wall. You should expect to pay no less than $50 per square foot of face wall up to $90 per square foot or more depending on the wall product you choose and the size of the project. 

There are a lot of factors that can affect the cost of a retaining wall. To get a general idea of the cost of your segmental retaining wall decide between needing a gravity wall or mechanically stabilized earth. If you’re needing a small wall built, expect to be met with a minimum cost the contractor will charge to cover daily costs. Due to the complexity of what goes into something as simple looking as a segmental retaining wall it is crucial to hire the right retaining wall contractor with experience and certifications to back it up. 

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