Weed & Insect Control

Weed & Insect Control

A properly maintained lawn is the first line of defense against weeds. Weeds often indicate problems in the lawn environment. Therefore, weeds can often be controlled by altering the environment to favor the grass instead of the weeds. The environment can be manipulated by adjusting the mowing height or frequency and altering the amount of time between irrigation or fertilizer application.

Comprehensive Control

In addition to proper fertilization techniques, preemergents are another effective solution for nurturing a healthy lawn. Preemergents should be applied before spring, typically at the beginning of the calendar year. A preemergent is a type of herbicide that forms a chemical barrier on the surface of the soil, which prevents weeds from emerging. Some weeds are difficult to control once they have sprouted in the lawn, making a preemergent a must for comprehensive lawn care.

For lawns that already have minor or severe weed problems, post-emergence herbicides are available to kill weeds after they are actively growing. These herbicides are most effective when weeds are young and growing rapidly. The herbicide must be absorbed through the leaves.

Most lawns are vulnerable to a variety of insects. They cause the lawn to die, or they build unattractive mounds that can potentially suffocate the grass. Pests may overrun the soil, attacking the plant roots; others consume the leaves and stems or suck the juice from the plants. Pests can effectively be controlled by the insecticides provided by Tree World Nursery & Landscaping maintenance professionals.

Control Services

  • Pre-emergent weed control
  • Post-emergent weed control
  • General herbicide treatment
  • General pesticide & insecticide treatment

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