Wondering When You Should Treat Your Trees & Shrubs?

Our tree wellness calendar is here to help!

Knowing when to do what to your trees and shrubs can be a tough call, especially with conflicting information being presented everywhere! To help clarify what your greenery should be treated with and when, the experts at Tree World Nursery & Landscaping have compiled a helpful calendar that outlines which steps to take during which months of the year. For example, in February you should:

Use Dimension (a preemergence weed control)
Treat all trees and shrubs for borers and insects with Tree & Shrub Drench (Lasts for 12 months)
Plant seed potatoes, onions and cool season garden plants
In the third week, feed pecan & fruit trees with Ferti-Lome Cirtus & Pecan Food

For more helpful information, check out our Tree Wellness Calendar below!