Tree Trimming

Trim Those Hazardous Excess Limbs

Get a tree trimming from Tree World Nursery & Landscaping

Do you need a reliable tree trimmer to come out to your home in the Wolfforth and larger west Texas area? You can count on Tree World to meticulously prune your tree and clean up any mess we make to ensure your yard is neat by the time we’re done with it.

Five reasons to get your tree pruned

There are plenty of reasons to trim a tree, but tree trimming should be done for the health and wellness of the tree. Would your yard simply look better with a few less branches? Are your trees looking a little under the weather? Here are five common reasons to prune your tree:

1. To get rid of hazardous dead or dying branches.
2. To open up and beautify your home’s yard.
3. To stop that tree from obstructing your view.
4. To treat your tree’s disease and help it grow.
5. To maintain your tree’s natural form.

What else can pruning your tree accomplish?

In addition to the benefits described above, tree pruning can also help with the below items:
1. Reducing risk of tree failure
2. Providing clearance
3. Reducing shade and wind resistance
3. Maintaining tree health
4. Influencing flower or fruit production
5. Improving the aesthetics of your landscape

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