Why Deep Root Feed?

Let our experts coach you on deep root feeding

The single most important preventive measure you can take to enhance the health, beauty, and vigor of your trees is to Deep Root Feed your tree’s root system. A successful Plant Care Program begins with the proper nutrients. The specialists at Tree World can detect impending problems and recommend the optimum time for fertilizing before signs of nutrient deficiency are visible and plant vigor has been compromised

Treating Your Roots

Trees and shrubs in your landscape actually exist in a foreign environment, even “native species”, lacking the nutrients found in the rich layer of humus occurring naturally on the forest floor. In your landscape--where there is limited natural fertilizer--tree roots must reach out to obtain the nutrients they need. Obstacles such as compacted soil, rock ledges, buildings, pools, and pavements often impede their ability to obtain nutrients. Don't count on your lawn fertilizer to help. Only an insignificant amount (if any) will filter down to the tree roots.

Deep Root Feeding: When & Where to Treat

Deep root feeding is the process of creating a series of holes about 18 inches above the root system that allows moisture and fertilizer to drip down directly into the root zone of your trees.

You should treat your roots now, before the warning signs of nutrient deficiency are visible and the plant’s health has been compromised. Tree Worlds specialists can diagnose the situation and recommend the optimum time to fertilize. Trees receiving regular applications of essential nutrients look better and live longer. Two treatments per year are recommended depending upon the environment your trees live in.

Spring treatments are designed to stimulate seasonal growth and replenish soil nutrient levels. Summer treatments are designed to provide essential nutrients and water in the dry summer months. Fall treatments are designed to prepare the tree for the stresses of winter, improve rooting and carbohydrate reserves.