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Trees regularly face adverse environmental conditions over their lifetime, especially during the summers. Prolonged rainless spells and high temperatures place severe stress on trees. Add to that disturbances to the unseen root system through various construction and other human activities, and you have trees declining and/or dying.

When a tree starts having a problem, it is easy to suspect a disease. The oak wilt problem in Central Texas made news in the 90s' you tend to immediately wonder if their sick trees have a terrible disease. In most cases, when an oak or other type of tree looks unhealthy, it is more likely caused by stress or injury rather than a lethal disease.

Some common stressors include:

1. Drought & insufficient water
2. Excess Water
3. Heat
4. Construction Injury
5. Transplant Stock
6. Chemical Damage
7. Un-Adapated Species
7. Stress-related Pests

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